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Tips For Building Career in Hadoop

Hadoop is a framework which allows user to perform various operations on big data in distributed environment. Hadoop is an exciting field with large number of opportunities so u need to continuously upgrade your skills in order to build strong career in Hadoop   The size of data is increasing rapidly every year so the demand for Hadoop professional is large in number and companies are expecting more from professional here are some useful tips for clearing the Hadoop interview
Before attending interview you should have a strong foundation in Hadoop. The easy way to get strong is basic is by enrolling Hadoop Training in Chennai. Getting Knowledge is not only enough you should be able Perform some task which are related to hadoop and you should be able to apply the gained knowledge. Many hadoop Developers believe getting knowledge is enough and they ignore communication but most companies need professional with good communication so concentrate more in communication. 
           Hadoop c…

Hadoop Interview Question Part II

1) What is Hadoop Streaming?
Hadoop streaming is a utility which allows you to create and run map/reduce job. It is a generic API that allows programs written in any languages to be used as Hadoop mapper
2) What is a combiner in Hadoop?
A Combiner is a mini-reduce process which operates only on data generated by a Mapper. When Mapper emits the data, combiner receives it as input and sends the output to reducer.
3) Is it possible to provide multiple inputs to Hadoop?
Yes, It is possible. The input format class provides methods to insert multiple directories as input to a Hadoop job.
4) What is the relation between job and task in Hadoop?
In Hadoop, A job is divided into multiple small parts known as task.
5) What is distributed cache in Hadoop?
Distributed cache is a facility provided by MapReduce Framework. It is provided to cache files (text, archives etc.) at the time of execution of the job. The Framework copies the necessary files to the slave node before the execution of any task at that…

Tips for Hunting Job

Interview is the process of meeting the people face to face here are some useful tips which will help you to clear the interviews easily Perform Research on employer and job profile Success of the interview lies in your hands before going to the interview you should perform strong research on employer, requirements of job and the person interviewing. More research will certainly help you to crack the interview easily Prepare with Common interview questions Before going to the interview prepare with the common interview questions which are frequently and commonly asked which will certainly help you to clear the interviews Dress for success Dressing professional will automatically raise the confidence level so dress according to culture of the organization  Be on Time and Relaxed It preferred to be fifteen minutes before the scheduled time which will help you to get settled and complete the paper work more over it provides opportunities to observe the dynamics of work place Mark first impressio…

Why Certification in Hadoop?

Today the hot word in the IT industry is “Hadoop”. Since every companies are dealing with large amount of data. Many of the IT recruiters say there would be larger demand for hadoop trained professional.  Many of the professional who want to make career in hadoop are planning to get trained in Hadoop and they want to have certification in hadoop certification moreover  hadoop is gaining popularity in all over world as discussed many of industries like financial service,utilities,media ,retail and paramedical are moving towards hadoop for processing the big data
Today many corporate are looking for hadoop trained professional. Having certification would give them assurance that you are master in hadoop and more over having certification normally would be an added advantage and it would help you to get job easily and you can demand your dream salary since you have certification
Let me brief you about the power of certification in hadoop IT recruiter’s prefer Hadoop certified professional o…

Hadoop Interview Questions

1)   Define Hadoop?

A> Hadoop is a distributed computing platform which was developed using Java
2)  What Kind of Hardware does hadoop support?
A>Hadoop can run on a dual processor/ dual core machines with 4-8 GB RAM
3) What are the common input formats defined in Hadoop?
A> The common input formats are
                                                    1.TextInputFormat                                                2.KeyValueInputFormat                                                3.SequenceFileInputFormat 4)  What is InputSplit ?
A> When hadoop runs job, it splits input files into chunks and assign each split to a mapper for processing which is called InputSplit.
5)  How many InputSplits does Hadoop Framework make?
A> Hadoop will make 5 splits as following:
                                                 1. One split for 64K files                                                  2. Two splits for 65MB files, and